Multiple sources of income and my house for sale

I have read many, many books about making money and being an entrepreneur. One that I found most impactful was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It was the first time I realized that the corporate world and our education system really has been set up to have us constantly be in debt and have to keep working to keep making money to keep paying back money so we can get more debt so we have to keep working and on and on.

In line with that my husband and I bought a beautiful house in San Francisco in 2011 for a screaming deal. It is a 4 bed 2.5 bath, way bigger than we needed, but we figured that we could rent it to friends that we would live with to help reduce our monthly expenses. Let’s just say we learned a valuable lesson about personal space and renting to friends. April 18th, 2013 I put the house up for sale in San Francisco ( and I LOVE that house. I love San Francisco, I love walking places, I love everything about it. But I live in San Diego now and the time is right to sell… We can make a bundle of money and then invest it again. What makes this interesting is that now what do I want to do with that money? My husband is all for putting all or most of it into another property. But I personally am thinking about diversifying the money.

I just thought of a great idea… I am going to propose to my husband that we split the proceeds from the sale and he takes his half and invests it how he sees fit and I will take my half and invest it. And in 1 year from now we can check back in and see how it went. I do not have high hopes of him approving of this idea but hey… I will let you know what happens.

The gist is that I do want multiple streams of income. My husband has one stream of income from a corporate job that he loves and really makes a difference doing. I have one stream of income from my current corporate job, which days are numbered and before we put our house up for sale we have a rental income from our house in San Francisco, which makes 3 sources of income. And hey 3 IS better than 2. However, I would like to create 5 sources of income. 1 is my husbands and not passive at all. But the other 4 will be.

That is exciting… 4 passive streams of income… How will I do this?

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