Multiple Sources… update

Current count: 2 sources

As previously posted my house in San Francisco went on the market on 4/18. We had 3 days of open houses and have set an offer date for today… 4/29/13. The price on the house is set at $699k and we anticipate that it will go for far above that. I will not be able to disclose the different offers we get as we get them but I will let you know the offer we choose. We have heard some pretty exciting stuff about the bidding wars in San Francisco and can’t wait to find out. We are creating an offer for $1M.

Along with this I am working on looking at buying my next piece of property. I have engaged a real estate agent and have a list of about 30 potential properties. I organized them by purely what would be most financially lucrative to us based on the down payment amount. We are currently looking only at multi-units and trying to find somewhere that makes financial sense and somewhere we can “LOVE” to live in. Potentially we could by 2 different properties which would add 2 sources of income in the next six months or so. This alone would completely alter my husband and my financial future. And honestly it seems too easy. I definitely am thinking, “Wait, seriously? This is it?” I know, I KNOW… managing properties isn’t nothing but if it’s my “job” and I have 2 I think I can handle it, you know? Of course now I am thinking should I go get my real estate license? Or property manager license? Do I need certification? Long term if we are going to buy and sell properties it does seem to make financial sense that I either reduce the cost or make some money on buying and selling. So this is still definitely an option.

The other thing I got in my email inbox today is an offer for the 6 month Immersion Program starting in July for the Integrative Nutrition Program I just completed. And I am trying to be realistic about my financial goals and the birth of my baby. It is supposed to be an intense program and I definitely know that for at least a month I won’t be able to work on it at all. But this would give us another source of income.  YAY!

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