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May 31, 2013

MITM Daily Creation Call #19


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Hello world!

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica… not having a good week at getting things done. Her current job has been super demanding this week and she has been coming home wiped out. She didn’t get ANYTHING done yesterday that she said she would do. She is re-promising to do things this weekend that really need to get done. She feels bad and wrong and wants to hide out. Thank god she has a daily call where she hits the reset button. Creating being love and silly.

Weekend items are:

1. Get our LLC set up
2. Mind map and work on e-book
3. Make an offer on at least one house.

Katie did half of the stuff that she said she would.  This is kind of a repeat occurrence isn’t it.   Well what are we going to do about that?  Perhaps I will acknowledge my humanity and then just speak to what I learned.  How does that sound?

Yesterday I learned that the only person who keeps my life stuck is me.  Limiting beliefs are insidious and they don’t show up as beliefs they show up as THE TRUTH, and the keep us stuck doing the same thing over and over, or simply not doing or going for what we want.  Yesterday I broke through that and asked; and won.  Today, I will be leaving work 3 hrs early to drive to Santa Barabara and avoiding 2+ hours of necessary traffic because I noticed my stuck-ness, the “truth” of it and questioned – is that really the way it needs to be?

Weekend items are:

1. Create outline for book
2. Doing gratitude podcast
3. Conversation with Dad
4. Brainstorm MITM vision



What limiting belief are you willing to give up today?


May 30, 2013

Keep Going!

It’s possible I have made other videos with this same headline and it doesn’t matter, because all of them are valuable.

You know those moments of doubt, regret, confusion, loneliness, isolation? Well I do. Here I capture mine and talk it out with guess who?


May 30, 2013

MITM Daily Creation Call #18


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Hello world!

Jessica went to her first piano lesson yesterday and is thrilled to be learning something new, which is part of the Alternative Graduate Program she is doing. Yesterday she learned a few valuable lessons, one of them was that Nevada is not only the place to go and spend money and drink heavily. It is also a great place for online businesses to incorporate, there is no state business income tax!!! She also learned a good lesson in patience. Many things in her life are moving slower than she wants and patience is providing peace of mind in where things are at.

Today’s items are:

1. Form LLC in NV for MITM
2. Work on e-book
3. Mind mapping for e-book

Yesterday I was freaking out a bit.  I had one of those “WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?” moments.   I didn’t give into it, but I did get it out of me on the very first MITM YouTube Channel video.  BTW – our name is JK Mogul.  I also talked with my friend who is a coach and determined that is not a now option for me, but I will look at it for the future.  Lastly I set up a meeting with John Dumas.  It is so powerful to notice that unlike Icarus – I HAVE SURVIVED;)

Today’s items are:

1. Post YouTube video to MITM
2. Work on affiliate store front for 1hr
3. Mind map for blog and book (30 minutes for each)




May 30, 2013

Book Review – The Art of Non Conformity

Book 1 of 50 in the Alternative Graduate Program – The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

What does it have to do with becoming a Mogul?

This was a great book about becoming someone who is free to roam the world and not feel guilty about it. It challenged many of my thoughts about materialism and doing things the “right” way.  I currently live in San Diego and there is a lot of pressure to buy $100 jeans, $80,000 cars and live in a $1 million dollar house as a way to prove that you are someone or that you have “made it.” I know other places in the world are under this same type of pressure. And after reading this book I just felt free to love my Honda Fit that gets 38 miles to the gallon. I felt free to move into $1 million dollar multi-unit, where my husband, soon to be baby and I will share a 2/2 unit and have others pay for our mortgage. This will give me freedom to travel around, explore and be with my baby as it grows. Yes, I will be one of those mothers with the baby on a plane. That for me is “Making it.” Or becoming a Mogul.

What did I learn from it?

I learned that being an entrepreneur is less risky than having a full time job. And throughout our life we are trained to believe that security is created through clocking in and out and having someone tell you what to do. After reading this book I believe being an entrepreneur will give me more stability than any other job ever will. By the time most people are 25 they are thousands to hundreds of thousands in debt. Their only option is to work to pay it off and it seems like the best way to do that is to have someone say, “I will pay you $50,000 a year to do this job.” And that seems like the best way to get out of the debt, and then they say, “I will pay you $75,000 a year to do this job” and you think, “Well maybe its time to get a new car.” Then you have more debt. And then you need new clothes for the new job and maybe even a new house. And it goes on and on until you are 50 and praying for retirement.

I have set up life to not have debt. My husband and I have very little; no credit card debt, one car paid off, the other on it’s way and the only kind of property I will buy is property that is going to produce income. Period.

Should others read it?

You should only read it if you are willing to open your mind and really give up that your $150 sunglasses or $50,000 car is not a dream worth living for. And he doesn’t say you can’t want things like that. You totally can. But he really emphasizes the point that life is about living your purpose, not buying your purpose.
He also talks about the difference between a good business and bad business, the main points are that a good business provides regular cash flow, no time trading, and is location independent. All of these things are what I am personally looking for in a business, but again I don’t think that everyone is.

May 29, 2013

MITM Daily Creation Call #17


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Hello world!

Jessica didn’t get done everything she wanted to get done yesterday.   What did she learn?  4 things are too many things to try and do in one day when you already have a full time job.

Today’s items are:

1. Register Bet Online
2. Spend hour on e-book
3. Find out about LLC and Delaware

Katie didn’t get everything done either (same same to what Jess learned).  AND I did get 3 of 4 things done because guess what?  They were written down and I looked at them throughout the day.  What a difference a list makes!

Today’s items are:

1. Call Tamara about coaching opportunities
2. Create show notes
3. Spend an hour creating my online store

Love you guys,



May 28, 2013

MITM Daily Creation Call #16


Click to listen to Daily Creation Call #16

Fellow Moguls in the making Jess and I have changed the structure of our daily creation calls a bit.  We wanted you to be able to rely on a set format and plan accordingly so our new format is:

  1. Create our possibility for the day
  2. Review status of previously stated actions
  3. Create new actions
  4. Switch person and repeat 1-3 (I anticipate each person taking about 7 minutes)
  5. Free flow about what we are learning  (about 10 Minutes)
  6. COMING IN JULY – 5 minutes of Q&A with Jess and I.  In July we will open up the lines for the last 5 minutes of our call for some Q&A, so that you have an opportunity to bring your question, concern, comments and/or observations on your journey or ours to the daily creation calls.

Let us know what you think of the new format.  Our hope is that these calls are of value to you as well as us.  And don’t worry you won’t hurt our feelings with constructive criticism.  I LOVE these calls and we would do them with or without listeners;)  LOVE YOU GUYS!


Jessica: Is the possibility of being PEACEFUL.  Jessica didn’t get her weekend goals accomplished; however, she did completely clean her desk, blog, and START HER E-BOOK: How to quit anything and stay that way!

She promises to do the following for tomorrow:

  1. Get this weeks lessons from Blog School
  2. Do an hour of Blog School
  3. Work on her E-book
  4. Go to LegalZoom and find out what we need to become an LLC

Katie:  I am the possibility of LOVE and PLAY.  I did not do what I said I was going to do this weekend either; however, I cleaned my house, reconnected with friends, SCHEDULED OUR INTERVIEW WITH JOHN DUMAS!!!, hired someone on for the first time, started to set-up an affiliate store online.

I promise to do the following by tomorrow:

  1. Create show notes for this creation call
  2. Create a Mogul in the Making YouTube account
  3. Record a YouTube video
  4. Spend 1 hour creating my online store

Other random talking points are: types of businesses, Katie’s mounting obsession with John Dumas, actually getting things done, the impermanence of words, sober living homes, YouTube, The Landmark Forum, Jerry Springer, and sooooo much more!  You have to listen to these calls they are really GREAT!

keep-away-from-those-who-try-to-belittle-your-ambitions – Mark Twain

Love you guys,


May 26, 2013

500 Plan update

I just re-read that and thought that I had said I would update it monthly but I told you all I would update it weekly. I am so sorry. I apologize for letting that slip. There has been lots of progress on this and I haven’t told any of you about it. I am recommitting to doing a weekly Sunday post on this topic.

goals, planning, actualAs of 5/26 here are how we stack up against our goals:

1. $500 (P)lan : $0 (A)ctual – Sadly we have not figured out / implemented the money making part yet. We do have a plan for it though and we will see that number increase in the coming month.

2. 500 Followers (P) : 17  (A) – This number may not seem large but we are actually quite thrilled with it. We have not posted a FB page, Pintrest page or any other social tool. Once we do that you will really see this number climb. We are holding back for the money making part. And honestly this whole having a full time job thing is really holding up the full court press… 

3. 500 150 posts/podcasts/interviews live (P) : 31 (A) – One thing about setting goals is that they need to be realistic and achievable  I just went and calculated how many we would need to do per week in order to hit 500 by August 31 and it is 18, which is silly. Even if we were each posting everyday we wouldn’t hit that number. So I am going to adjust this down to 150. If we each post 2 a week and post our 4 calls per week that is 8 and then there are 15 weeks between now and then. So 8 x 15 = 120 + 31 we already have = 151. And I am going to generously give us a 1 post cushion. 🙂 

May 25, 2013

Eating an elephant a bite at a time

I have been known to give the advice, “Well, if you need to do a big project or get started on a task it’s like eating an elephant. The only way to do this is one bite at a time.” And you know I personally would never actually eat an elephant, maybe its time for a better analogy like how do you eat an entire bag of cookies? One bite at a time, obviously!

But, anyway, I digress the point is one of the areas that I struggle with the most is accomplishing things that take more than a half hour to accomplish. And you should know I have accomplished MANY things that took years to accomplish, but this is one area where I need more oomph! around project and task management.

For example, my office; I have whined about, ignored, closed the door on, hoped gnomes would come and organize it for me, contemplated paying someone to do it, and other plans that never came to fruition around having the office that provides a space that keeps me motivated.

OH MY GOSH I just had a thought. Okay, I am going to do a before and after of my office and post it. There is something so thrilling about the thought that others will see what is happening and will have thoughts… Okay don’t judge. I didn’t try to clean anything first.

So this is what my office looks like:

Office 1

Part of my desk and my burning man stuff…

Office 2

My desk.

Office 3

The futon / junk collector.

Katie said, “Just right down an outline of what there is to do and follow it.”

So here is my outline:
1. Take everything off my desk, and Windex it! Then put only the things on my desk that I actually use at least once a week. For example, the Zumba DVD could probably be put away.- This I will do today.
2. Create a home for all papers! All of them have a place to go, it’s time to put them there! – This I will do by Monday night!
3. Find a home for all the extra clutter, may be storing it, may be selling it or giving it away. – This I will do by next Friday, when the father in law comes to town!

Ready, set, go!

May 24, 2013

MITM Creation Call #15


Click to hear Daily Creation Call #15

Has it happened?  Could she have found a house?  This morning Jessica is on fire about two things: 1) two houses were listed yesterday that are exactly what she is looking for and by Tuesday (our next daily creation call) she is going to share with us that her offer has been accepted.  2) Today is the day that the letter is served.  I need say no more about that one.  During this call Jess also talks about the joy of being clear in your vision of what you want to do with your life.

Last night was ladies entrepreneur night for me and man was it valuable.  I have a new job-ortunity – YAY!  I also made plans or promises rather for this weekend.   A clean house is a clear mind – mission number one clean mi casa!  I also promise to chat with the dad and create a 3 month plan.

This is it folks.  The first day of the rest of your life.  What are you doing today?  What are you committed to completing this weekend?

Please check out the call and have a great weekend:)


May 23, 2013

MITM Creation Call #14


Click to hear Daily Creation Call #14

Jessica is back in action and boy did I miss her.

On today’s call I talk about synergy and the joy and power of not “going it alone.”  I don’t know about you, but lone-rangering for me often equals lonely failure eventually.  I also recap what I learned in my conversation with a life coach about what it takes to become a life coach.   Long and short of that – Life coaching may be a future vision for me, but I believe my fiscal constraints eliminate it as a now option for me.

Jessica shares about her trip to San Francisco where she realized that sometimes being committed to something does not mean that you are the one to make a difference in that area.  As a result of that realization she had discovered that the area she really wants to make a difference in is addiction.  She also shares about finishing The Catcher in the Rye and a book about natural child-birth.

If you want to hear more – check out the link above, and let us know what you are committed to getting done TODAY!

Ohhh and this is the video I was talking about with the men simulating labor pain.  Check it out!  It is hilarious.


Have a BEAUTIFUL day,