AGP – Kiva and Round the world trip

Okay all I took a step in the alternative graduate program and created an account on and donated money to support 3 different projects. These will also influence where I go on my trip around the world.

The first 3 so far are:

  • Aijan in Krygyzstan – She is a farmer raising cattle and other crops.
  • Leoniza in the Phillippines – She is a store owner.
  • Carolyne in Kenya – She sells souvenirs in Kenya.

As you can see I am developing a theme, women entrepreneurs. I know, a shocking thing for me to do. But it was easy to find people that I was passionate about supporting and I feel good about the money that I lent.

I talked to my husband about my plan to do an around the world trip and he was instantly on board. He wants to go, too. So as I do more research on that I will post it so we are all on the same page. But when I told him these three countries he was excited and unsure, which I think is the whole point of this trip. 🙂 I am viewing this particular around the world trip as an educational experience in entrepreneurship and life rather than a luxury vacation or really a vacation at all. I am sure we will sneak in plenty of time to relax, and maybe scuba dive somewhere exotic. The main purpose of the trip, though, will be educational in nature.


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