Eating an elephant a bite at a time

I have been known to give the advice, “Well, if you need to do a big project or get started on a task it’s like eating an elephant. The only way to do this is one bite at a time.” And you know I personally would never actually eat an elephant, maybe its time for a better analogy like how do you eat an entire bag of cookies? One bite at a time, obviously!

But, anyway, I digress the point is one of the areas that I struggle with the most is accomplishing things that take more than a half hour to accomplish. And you should know I have accomplished MANY things that took years to accomplish, but this is one area where I need more oomph! around project and task management.

For example, my office; I have whined about, ignored, closed the door on, hoped gnomes would come and organize it for me, contemplated paying someone to do it, and other plans that never came to fruition around having the office that provides a space that keeps me motivated.

OH MY GOSH I just had a thought. Okay, I am going to do a before and after of my office and post it. There is something so thrilling about the thought that others will see what is happening and will have thoughts… Okay don’t judge. I didn’t try to clean anything first.

So this is what my office looks like:

Office 1

Part of my desk and my burning man stuff…

Office 2

My desk.

Office 3

The futon / junk collector.

Katie said, “Just right down an outline of what there is to do and follow it.”

So here is my outline:
1. Take everything off my desk, and Windex it! Then put only the things on my desk that I actually use at least once a week. For example, the Zumba DVD could probably be put away.- This I will do today.
2. Create a home for all papers! All of them have a place to go, it’s time to put them there! – This I will do by Monday night!
3. Find a home for all the extra clutter, may be storing it, may be selling it or giving it away. – This I will do by next Friday, when the father in law comes to town!

Ready, set, go!

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