500 Plan update

I just re-read that and thought that I had said I would update it monthly but I told you all I would update it weekly. I am so sorry. I apologize for letting that slip. There has been lots of progress on this and I haven’t told any of you about it. I am recommitting to doing a weekly Sunday post on this topic.

goals, planning, actualAs of 5/26 here are how we stack up against our goals:

1. $500 (P)lan : $0 (A)ctual – Sadly we have not figured out / implemented the money making part yet. We do have a plan for it though and we will see that number increase in the coming month.

2. 500 Followers (P) : 17  (A) – This number may not seem large but we are actually quite thrilled with it. We have not posted a FB page, Pintrest page or any other social tool. Once we do that you will really see this number climb. We are holding back for the money making part. And honestly this whole having a full time job thing is really holding up the full court press… 

3. 500 150 posts/podcasts/interviews live (P) : 31 (A) – One thing about setting goals is that they need to be realistic and achievable  I just went and calculated how many we would need to do per week in order to hit 500 by August 31 and it is 18, which is silly. Even if we were each posting everyday we wouldn’t hit that number. So I am going to adjust this down to 150. If we each post 2 a week and post our 4 calls per week that is 8 and then there are 15 weeks between now and then. So 8 x 15 = 120 + 31 we already have = 151. And I am going to generously give us a 1 post cushion. 🙂 

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