MITM Daily Creation Call #18


Click to listen to Daily Creation Call #18

Hello world!

Jessica went to her first piano lesson yesterday and is thrilled to be learning something new, which is part of the Alternative Graduate Program she is doing. Yesterday she learned a few valuable lessons, one of them was that Nevada is not only the place to go and spend money and drink heavily. It is also a great place for online businesses to incorporate, there is no state business income tax!!! She also learned a good lesson in patience. Many things in her life are moving slower than she wants and patience is providing peace of mind in where things are at.

Today’s items are:

1. Form LLC in NV for MITM
2. Work on e-book
3. Mind mapping for e-book

Yesterday I was freaking out a bit.  I had one of those “WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?” moments.   I didn’t give into it, but I did get it out of me on the very first MITM YouTube Channel video.  BTW – our name is JK Mogul.  I also talked with my friend who is a coach and determined that is not a now option for me, but I will look at it for the future.  Lastly I set up a meeting with John Dumas.  It is so powerful to notice that unlike Icarus – I HAVE SURVIVED;)

Today’s items are:

1. Post YouTube video to MITM
2. Work on affiliate store front for 1hr
3. Mind map for blog and book (30 minutes for each)




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