MITM Daily Creation Call #19


Click to listen to Daily Creation Call #19

Hello world!

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica… not having a good week at getting things done. Her current job has been super demanding this week and she has been coming home wiped out. She didn’t get ANYTHING done yesterday that she said she would do. She is re-promising to do things this weekend that really need to get done. She feels bad and wrong and wants to hide out. Thank god she has a daily call where she hits the reset button. Creating being love and silly.

Weekend items are:

1. Get our LLC set up
2. Mind map and work on e-book
3. Make an offer on at least one house.

Katie did half of the stuff that she said she would.  This is kind of a repeat occurrence isn’t it.   Well what are we going to do about that?  Perhaps I will acknowledge my humanity and then just speak to what I learned.  How does that sound?

Yesterday I learned that the only person who keeps my life stuck is me.  Limiting beliefs are insidious and they don’t show up as beliefs they show up as THE TRUTH, and the keep us stuck doing the same thing over and over, or simply not doing or going for what we want.  Yesterday I broke through that and asked; and won.  Today, I will be leaving work 3 hrs early to drive to Santa Barabara and avoiding 2+ hours of necessary traffic because I noticed my stuck-ness, the “truth” of it and questioned – is that really the way it needs to be?

Weekend items are:

1. Create outline for book
2. Doing gratitude podcast
3. Conversation with Dad
4. Brainstorm MITM vision



What limiting belief are you willing to give up today?


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