MITM Daily Creation Call #21


Click to listen to Daily Creation Call #21

Hello world!

Its’ Katie here.  I did it all and then some:)  I read through chapter 8 of Podcast Launch and am really excited to implement what I learned.  BTW – that may mean moving off of the BlogTalkRadio platform.  I also set up a Facebook page with autoposts through Sunday for MITM.  Jessica has informed me that we can have all blog posts autopost to Facebook which is REALLY exciting, because automation = more time to spend on other stuff:)

1. Start list of 50 Paleo blogpost topics
2. Register for NSD 2.0 Mastermind
3. Research for podcast

Jessica has an offer accepted on a house! YaaaaY! Now begins the inspection process. Starting with actually going and seeing the property on the inside. Since, it is a multi-unit we have not been able to see the inside until we had an offer accepted. So today is the day. Also, yesterday I applied to be in a Mastermind Group for a Niche site duel, where I will learn and accept the challenge of getting a keyword I select to number 1 in Google, which I have never been able to do in the past but am very excited to take on the challenge.

Today’s items are:

1. Go see house
2. Go to piano class
3.  Call lawyer about giving notice

Have a great day!  


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