MITM Daily Creation Call #22


Click to listen to Daily Creation Call #22

Hello world!

Katie has some un-reality or some fantasy around her calendar.  I noticed that I am anticipating teleporting in my schedule because I don’t have ANY travel time included in my event.  What?  That is just plain old crazy!  That changes today.  I am the master of my own destiny and calendar, so I am putting in travel time and building my day the way that I want it.

Today’s items are:

1. Exercise
2. Research Podcast

Jessica had a big day yesterday. That phrase, when it rains it pours was definitely the way it went yesterday for me. We looked at the new 4 unit property that we have an offer accepted on. We liked it and are going to move forward with it. So we have between now and July 2nd to accomplish a whole slew of tasks. Also, my lawyer has news for me and I am looking forward to speaking to her about my current case today. And then when I got home my new Galaxy S4 had arrived. And I am super excited about that. But since I am currently on an iPhone, I didn’t want to figure out how to transfer and what won’t transfer so I will get that going this weekend.

Today’s items are:

1. Wire the deposit to the escrow company
2. Talk to the lawyer… finish this stuff!
3. Sleep… the pregnant lady (ME) has gotten 5-6 hours a night this whole week so sleeping a whole bunch is on the list!



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