MITM Daily Creation Call #24


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Hello world!

This past weekend I did everything that I said I would.  WOO HOOOO for all promises kept.  Man does that chatter in my mind threaten me honoring what I said I would do.  It really doesn’t take that long to get stuff done once I get in action around it.  Procrastination is the HUGEST time suck.  Lesson – when you notice you are procrastinating – JUST STOP IT!

Today’s items are:

1. Mission/Vision and create my ideal listener for my new podcast complete
2. 1.5 hrs on PPP

Jessica had a pretty awesome weekend. I went to a Sober Living Training class about how to prepare a home for people to live in as they create their new lifestyle drug free. I met the kind of people that are running these homes and ultimately found out much more about them. I have not thus far found out the real secrets to success in this business but I did find out a lot of the pitfalls to avoid. And I am very excited to get started on it.

The other thing I am learning is the value of being an entrepreneur. I finally see that it really isn’t that risky and it completely worth it. The company that I am currently working has turned into a very scary and intimidating work environment, more scary than starting my own business to at a minimum cover my own bills. And I think that people deal with that all the time. An environment where their boss doesn’t like them, or that is illegally requiring that you work overtime on salary, even though you are not managing people. Or a company that is going through hard financial times and is potentially looking at layoffs. All of those can be much more scary than venturing out on your own. When you work for a company there are often so many mouths fed before yours that you end up doing all the meaningful work so the investors and board members can get paid later, and then the management team can get paid now. While you are there thinking, why am I doing this? Or at least I am. And I first realized this in 2007, the fact that it has taken me so long to fully commit is embarrassing. But there is no looking back now only forward… and I am jumping in.

Today’s items are:

1. Go to the seminar
2. Prepare my baby shower list
3. Talk to DR


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