What’s holding you back?


Are day dream about your unicorn?  Don’t look at your computer like I am crazy.  You know what I am talking about!

I am talking about that illusive fabled career or business that you want to start.  You know the one that you are sure will fulfill your life and have all of your troubles fade to the background of your  life?

Here is what I want to know:

  • What is that job/business?
  • What is in the way of you starting or pursuing it?
  • What would having that job/business make possible in your life?
  • How long have you been waiting?

Once you have answered those questions, I want you to answer:

  • What is the first action I could take toward my unicorn?
  • Who could hold me accountable for or what structure would support me in taking that action?
  • Who do I know who is doing something like __(insert your unicorn here)__?

There you are!  Now you have a plan.  Do you know what is missing?

No!  Well don’t fret – I do.  The only thing that is missing now is ACTION!

Smart people have long said, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”  And while that may be true, you are going to fail anyway.  I mean really, it is just part of the journey of starting something be it a new hobby, job, business or relationship.  Failures will teach you what you need to learn.  If you adopt that mentality, you could look foward to the failures.  You could swing full out in life knowing that whatever you needed to learn would be brought to your attention.

Planning may be important, but action is imperative.  No action, no results – PERIOD!  End of story.

So now what?  What are you going to take action on, and by when?

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