MITM Daily Creation Call #26


Click to listen to Daily Creation Call #26

Hello world!

Katie did everything that she said – YAY!!! My birthday was great.  It was relaxing and intimate and I LOVED IT!  The main thing I learned yesterday was from listening to the podcast of The Suitcase Entrepreneur.  She interviewed the ladies who started Activyst which was a crowd sourced bag company and it was a great interview.  I learned all about what it takes to successfully launch a product on Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Today’s items are:

1. Apply to Fire Nation Elite
2. Schedule the next bonfire  and ladies night
3. Take massive action around Be the Change
4. Jello wrestling 

Jessica did go to the inspection and learned all about her property.  It was good and whhoooaaa there is a lot to do.  There was some termite presence that the owner has to deal with prior to close.  And there are some significant things that need to be handled by us if we are going to get the house as up to date as they could be.  There is a lot to learn and know when buying a house.

Today’s items are:

1. Set-up keyboard and start practicing
2. Go through disclosures and setup inspections for next week
3. Call longtime sober living person and talk to her about being your QB

Have a great weekend,


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