500 Plan update 3

Life, life, life it just keeps happening so fast… I didn’t update for 3 weeks!! Bad Jessica…. Here you go…

goals, planning, actualAs of 06/26 here are how we stack up against our goals:

1. $500 (P)lan : $0 (A)ctual – No money, no plans of how we will make money on this site. So I am not sure this goal is realistic anymore. We have put ZERO effort into this goal… which is not really the plan.

2. 500 Followers (P) : 26  (A) – A few more followers in the last few weeks. Interesting. I can see that we have not been putting in the effort to actually make this site exciting and grabbable.

3. 150 posts/podcasts/interviews live (P) : 53 (A) – This means we are a little behind. But no need to worry yet. We will get back on the horse, here.

In the last few weeks lots of life has been happening. And sometimes that distracts you from what you are doing. I can definitely say that has been the case for me. I am now complete with my previous employment and creating new sources of income that will provide the new cashflow that I am up to making. Katie is also on her way in developing her very own podcast that will inspire the nation! Looking forward to that getting live!

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