MITM Daily Creation Call #29



Hello world!

Jessica is really living life. I am now in my third trimester and I just can’t wait to see my baby!! But in the mean time I got some stuff to do. I spent the weekend in beautiful Chesapeke Bay and it really reinforced my want to be location independent with my career. I do feel that I am moving in that direction. I also feel like its never going to happen and I am going to be stuck back in desk jockey position. Alas, I think those thoughts are very normal. Lots to do today, including putting this all in my calendar and actually following the timeline of the day I created… just for fun. I haven’t scheduled myself in a whole day, for awhile. So lets see how it goes! Yay!

Today’s items are:

1. Discuss property with agent
2. Complete 2 calls with R & G
3. Work on supplemental income
4. Identify a network and schedule to go
5. 500 plan update


Hi!  There was NO reality in my schedule.  I was just doing or not doing things willy-nilly.  I can’t beleive I just said that! What is going to allow me to be successful is ACTION and so I am promising one meaningful work thing a day.  That is probably appropriate because it turns out everything takes WAY longer than I think it is going to, but that is to be expected since I am doing pretty much everything for the first time.  So promises for the day are now going to be 1 major thing and maybe some minutea;)

1. Write my about page
2. Call Gayle, Dad and Michael
3. Decide if I am going to CO

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