Tweeting for Dummies

How to Use Twitter

I think one of the coolest things about getting older is that I realize how little I know. AND because I really do know so much (project management, algebra, social psychology, who starred in the 1989 film Teen Witch), I don’t have to be a defensive B@#&* when I really DON’T know something.

The jist of all that is – I love getting older and learning new stuff which in this case is ‘How to Use Twitter.’

I spent this past weekend at the Laptop Millionaire Summit in Boulder, CO where I learned how to use Twitter.  It was an awesome weekend and I walked away with an odd desire to tweet.  I don’t know if it was because that little bird is so cute or because Twitter is a massively powerful business tool that gives me access to 554,750,000 people, growing by 135k people a day, but I was inspired and started a Twitter account at the conference, right there in my seat.

By the end of day one I had three followers.  Day two I had 7. Right now I have ten and am totally hooked.  This is a fun game.  My new goal is to have 1,000 Twitter followers by 8/1/2013!

If you want to learn more about Twitter basics, watch the video above.  And if you want to support me in my goal to reach 1,000 followers by 8/1/13 you can find me at @moguljk.  I promise to share inspiration, business tips, tricks and tools and all-around-awesomeness.



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