To the top!

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Podcast and website has a Niche site duel, Katie referenced it and had her application on an earlier post…

I also applied to get into the mastermind group and to our total surprise we were both rejected! After licking my wounds I have decided to get back in the game. The point of the game is to choose a keyword in Google and be the number one ranked page.

I chose the word “Addict” and the site This week I am going to start building out the site and see where I stack up. So currently I am ranked at “N/A.” This makes sense, there is no content on the site yet and I am not even sure I have it set up to be crawled by Google. Great place to start.

The point of this site is to:  Provide people with addiction and their family members a great source of information.
I want to accomplish this in multiple ways. The first way is educating people in all the ways to get help. Currently getting help for people with addiction issues is challenging because for the most part you have to be either very wealthy to afford the rehab centers or you have to end up in jail with a court mandated rehab. There are many great centers that support both of these groups but not enough! Another way is to offer inspirational stories about overcoming addiction and highlight these folks. It’s all very much in start up and creation mode but I am very excited to share the journey with you.



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