Katie-4Hello world.  My name is Katie and I am about to get mogulified.  LOL – ok clearly that is not a real word and doesn’t really tell you much about what is really going on here.  So here is the real scoop.

Since I was a child I have wanted to lead a FABULOUS life jet setting around the world (like Madonna), making a massive difference  (be the first female president or stop global hunger), have a life of adventure (pick up and move when I please), create beautiful things (art and music), and be filthy loaded (I’m talking about private jets and personal islands).

Fast forward to now.  I live in San Diego – yay!  I work for an consulting firm – ok.  I am contracted to the military and work at a desk in a cubicle surrounded by grey carpeted walls without windows and do a lot of administrative stuff for about 42-46 hours a week – wahhh wahhh wahhhhhhh.  Cue sad music.  So after 4 years of tolerating my work life not being the magnificent magical dream I thought it would be I have decided enough it enough.  This is just not going to work.  I am cutting and running.

So here we are.  Laptop on lap, fearless co-pilot on my side, dreams in head and many many many make-it-rich-now resources later, I have written my resignation letter and am creating a new life for myself.  Jess has my resignation letter, dated 17May13 giving my 2 weeks notice, and I am have approximately 1.5 months to create a business to replace my income.  The world is my oyster and the time for boldness is NOW!

I am so glad that you are reading this.  And I am excited to have you join Jess and I as we document our journeys for you to see, share, enjoy and hopefully learn from.

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