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July 6, 2013

To the top!

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Podcast and website has a Niche site duel, Katie referenced it and had her application on an earlier post…

I also applied to get into the mastermind group and to our total surprise we were both rejected! After licking my wounds I have decided to get back in the game. The point of the game is to choose a keyword in Google and be the number one ranked page.

I chose the word “Addict” and the site This week I am going to start building out the site and see where I stack up. So currently I am ranked at “N/A.” This makes sense, there is no content on the site yet and I am not even sure I have it set up to be crawled by Google. Great place to start.

The point of this site is to:  Provide people with addiction and their family members a great source of information.
I want to accomplish this in multiple ways. The first way is educating people in all the ways to get help. Currently getting help for people with addiction issues is challenging because for the most part you have to be either very wealthy to afford the rehab centers or you have to end up in jail with a court mandated rehab. There are many great centers that support both of these groups but not enough! Another way is to offer inspirational stories about overcoming addiction and highlight these folks. It’s all very much in start up and creation mode but I am very excited to share the journey with you.



May 16, 2013

Stream of Income – Real Estate and Property Management

So you know how you have one of those days when you realize that all the things that you have been working on have finally all come together and the lost abyss that you have been wandering in has finally sorted itself out?


Well, I had heard about all of these people who had that experience and always wanted it and I didn’t want it to happen when I was 80. Then today happened. But first let me back track.

20 weeks baby picture... sleepy

20 weeks baby picture… sleepy

For the past year I have trained and am now officially a holistic health coach. I have learned about everything that it takes to be healthy from spirituality, to fulfillment, to food, to body image and living your passion. And what I got out of learning all of that myself was this precious little thing… The baby didn’t want photo’s this day… Sleeping.

In my family one issue that is all over is drug and alcohol addiction. There are many members that suffer with this addiction and I personally have battled my demons with addiction and have found a way to live and thrive drug free. And its an area that I want to learn more about and really contribute in. But then I think, “Well, there is no money in drug addiction or helping people who are addicted. They don’t want help or need help. Or they will seek help when they are ready.” However, I have found a way!

And you know, if you follow my posting, that I am interested in real estate and I am not interested in being a contractor. I am interested in having real estate and making passive income doing it.

So without further adieu… I am going to research my new idea and I will let you know how it goes!

So tonight I find myself on a call with a wonderful woman who is running 2 buildings that house sober living men. And the more we talked about it the more I realized that I was having one of those defining moments in life where life suddenly takes on a whole new direction. And fulfilling on what I am passionate about in real estate, making a difference and providing people with access to a healthier life ALL came together. Boom! (As John Dumas would say)

May 14, 2013

Stream of income #1 – Kasita Jewelry


Hello friends, family, fellow entrepreneurs, desk jockeys and earthlings!

It just occurred to me that I had this momentous occasion that I never really shared with you.  I make jewelry in my humble little abode.  And a couple of weeks ago after a year of making and breaking promises about selling my designs at my local coffee shop I womaned up and had “the talk” with them.  Guess what – they said that they would love to have me sell my jewels consignment at their shop.

Above you will see me cheezing soooooo hard about after mounting my shadow box of dreams on the wall of my local Twigg’s Coffee Shop.  Income stream #1 established.  This photo was a year in the making and I am so happy that I asked someone to capture it for me.  Carrying my jewelry into the shop was such a rush.  I know that in the grand scheme of things this may seem like a small deal, but I think it is so crucial to capture the little victories along the journey.  John Dumas, this is one of my I made it moments:)  What this moment means represents to me is having the courage to turn my dreams into a reality that I share with the world.

What’s really cool – I HAVE SOLD SOME STUFF!  I think that this week I will add a cash/revenue counter to my about me page so you can see how my financial progress is going.  Talk about a whole new level of accountability and transparency.  Would you guys like that?

If you would like to buy some of my jewelry, support me, like me or just see more of my designs, please check out the following links.

Kasita Jewelry Etsy Shop

Kasita Jewelry Facebook Page

May 10, 2013

Multiple Sources – Update

Okay it is official the house in San Francisco sold. And it was a magical, lovely story. We are very happy.

Here is the listing:

We bought it for $540 on 04/06/2011.

We listed it for $699 on 4/18/2013.

It sold on 05/07/2013 for $880. In a short close.

We put probably $30k into the house. And we did all the “right” things. We had our tenants agree to move out. We paid to have everything hauled off the property. We staged it. We got a landscaper to go over. We touched up the paint and fixed minor contractor things here and there. And all of that cost maybe $10k. And we are looking at houses that have stuff everywhere and things out of place, dirty dishes out! or wires painted and hanging funny and that just hurts your price. People need to see themselves in it not you in it. Not your lazy tendencies to not fix things, and trust me I am a lazy tendency a lot of the time. However, when it comes to using money at the right time I REALLY recommend spending the money to just make everything look great, not personalized to you and set up in the best way possible with experts who know how to place furniture. Not that I would call myself a real estate expert, yet. I am looking at pursuing it, especially given this recent success in the market.

The real estate market is hot right now. And we were fortunate to have a house in San Francisco where it’s almost always hot. The next property we buy is most likely going to be in San Diego and I am not sure that it will be as hot when we try to sell it later, but heck, I am going to enjoy the moment and celebrate with a big glass of wine… just kidding I’ll have some juice.

April 29, 2013

Multiple Sources… update

Current count: 2 sources

As previously posted my house in San Francisco went on the market on 4/18. We had 3 days of open houses and have set an offer date for today… 4/29/13. The price on the house is set at $699k and we anticipate that it will go for far above that. I will not be able to disclose the different offers we get as we get them but I will let you know the offer we choose. We have heard some pretty exciting stuff about the bidding wars in San Francisco and can’t wait to find out. We are creating an offer for $1M.

Along with this I am working on looking at buying my next piece of property. I have engaged a real estate agent and have a list of about 30 potential properties. I organized them by purely what would be most financially lucrative to us based on the down payment amount. We are currently looking only at multi-units and trying to find somewhere that makes financial sense and somewhere we can “LOVE” to live in. Potentially we could by 2 different properties which would add 2 sources of income in the next six months or so. This alone would completely alter my husband and my financial future. And honestly it seems too easy. I definitely am thinking, “Wait, seriously? This is it?” I know, I KNOW… managing properties isn’t nothing but if it’s my “job” and I have 2 I think I can handle it, you know? Of course now I am thinking should I go get my real estate license? Or property manager license? Do I need certification? Long term if we are going to buy and sell properties it does seem to make financial sense that I either reduce the cost or make some money on buying and selling. So this is still definitely an option.

The other thing I got in my email inbox today is an offer for the 6 month Immersion Program starting in July for the Integrative Nutrition Program I just completed. And I am trying to be realistic about my financial goals and the birth of my baby. It is supposed to be an intense program and I definitely know that for at least a month I won’t be able to work on it at all. But this would give us another source of income.  YAY!

April 20, 2013

Multiple sources of income and my house for sale

I have read many, many books about making money and being an entrepreneur. One that I found most impactful was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It was the first time I realized that the corporate world and our education system really has been set up to have us constantly be in debt and have to keep working to keep making money to keep paying back money so we can get more debt so we have to keep working and on and on.

In line with that my husband and I bought a beautiful house in San Francisco in 2011 for a screaming deal. It is a 4 bed 2.5 bath, way bigger than we needed, but we figured that we could rent it to friends that we would live with to help reduce our monthly expenses. Let’s just say we learned a valuable lesson about personal space and renting to friends. April 18th, 2013 I put the house up for sale in San Francisco ( and I LOVE that house. I love San Francisco, I love walking places, I love everything about it. But I live in San Diego now and the time is right to sell… We can make a bundle of money and then invest it again. What makes this interesting is that now what do I want to do with that money? My husband is all for putting all or most of it into another property. But I personally am thinking about diversifying the money.

I just thought of a great idea… I am going to propose to my husband that we split the proceeds from the sale and he takes his half and invests it how he sees fit and I will take my half and invest it. And in 1 year from now we can check back in and see how it went. I do not have high hopes of him approving of this idea but hey… I will let you know what happens.

The gist is that I do want multiple streams of income. My husband has one stream of income from a corporate job that he loves and really makes a difference doing. I have one stream of income from my current corporate job, which days are numbered and before we put our house up for sale we have a rental income from our house in San Francisco, which makes 3 sources of income. And hey 3 IS better than 2. However, I would like to create 5 sources of income. 1 is my husbands and not passive at all. But the other 4 will be.

That is exciting… 4 passive streams of income… How will I do this?