Hello I am Jess.

I am creating a web business. Join me on my adventure as I go from being a VERY EXCELLENT 9 to 5 employee to being a VERY EXCELLENT entrepreneur.

I have been working in the corporate environment for the past 8 years and have had many successes and of course failures along the way. In January I found out that I was pregnant and in March I realized that leaving my house at 8 am and getting home a 7 pm wasn’t the way I wanted to parent. But I also want to be a contribution to the planet, my family and my new baby and looking at how to best balance that.

Having experience in online marketing I have a sense of what you can accomplish by working online from home and making money. And I really need to see other humans so the thought of only working from home is not my ideal.

I graduated from USC with a Bachelors of Science (a BS degree so funny) in Business Administration and a minor in Information Technology in 2004. It was a wonderful experience in a lot of ways and for the first time I saw what you could do with a computer and I was in.

Had a baby on September 29th, 2013 and am now creating a way to stay at home and make money.

Join me and Katie on our journey to entrepreneurial success.

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