AGP – 8)Book list

30 Non fiction and 20 Classic Novels: Here is my first list and I will update as I change. This will definitely tell you about me and what I am interested in. 🙂

30 Non- Fiction 20 Classic Novels
 The Art of Non Conformity  To the Lighthouse
 Laptop Millionare  All Quiet on the Western Front
 Eat that Frog  Beloved
 The $100 Startup  Anna Karenina
 The Master Key System  Metamorphosis
 4-hour Work Week  Catcher in the Rye
 The Art of Racing in the Rain  The Grapes of Wrath
 Guns, Germs and Steel  To Kill a Mockingbird
 Sex, Ecology and Spirituality  1984
 The Millionaire Real Estate Investor  Lolita
 The Torah  Animal Farm
 The New Testament  Brave New World
 The Quran  The Call of the Wild
 The teachings of Buddah  All the Kings Men
 Bird by Bird  The War of the Worlds
 The Know it All  The Color Purple
 Natural Hospital Birth  Les Miserables
 How I Made My First Million on the Internet  Pride and Prejudice
 The Unemployed Millionaire  Emma
 Think and Grow Rich Scarlet Letter

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