Alternative Grad Program: Month 1

Updated: 05/11/13

1. Subscribe to the Economist and read every issue. – Ordered 05/11/13

2. Memorize the names of every country, world capital and current president or prime minister.

3. Buy a round-the-world plan ticket to travel to several major world regions, including somewhere in Asia and Africa. –

4. Read the basic texts of the major world religions, the Torah, the New Testament, the Koran and the teachings of Buddah. And visit a church, a mosque, a synagogue and a temple.

5. Subscribe to a language learning podcast and listen to a 20 minute podcast, five times a week. Join a local language club.

6. Loan money to an entrepreneur through and arrange to visit him/her while on trip around the world.  – I extended loans to 3 people.
For more information check out the blog post on this called “AGP – Kiva and round the world trip”

7. Acquire at least three new skills during your year. Suggestions; photography, skydiving, computer programming, or martial arts. – The three skills have been chosen. 1. Successfully writing and publishing books/content/e-books/webinars 2. Real Estate Investing 3. Beautifully and skillyfully play Piano

8. Read at least 30 non-fiction books and 20 classic novels. – working on the list

9. Join a gym or health club to keep fit. – I do have a gym membership… I am just not really using it. And when I say not really using it I mean I haven’t set my foot inside it in over a year.

10. Start a blog, create a basic posting schedule and stick with it for the entire year. – Check I have this blog and am posting at minimum once per week. I also just bought another site… and will be blogging and writing a book with it.

11. Set your home page to Done. Completed 05/05/13

12. Learn to write by listening to the Grammar Girl podcast and buying Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott

13. Instead of reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, read The know it all by A J Jacobs.

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