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May 30, 2013

Book Review – The Art of Non Conformity

Book 1 of 50 in the Alternative Graduate Program – The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

What does it have to do with becoming a Mogul?

This was a great book about becoming someone who is free to roam the world and not feel guilty about it. It challenged many of my thoughts about materialism and doing things the “right” way.  I currently live in San Diego and there is a lot of pressure to buy $100 jeans, $80,000 cars and live in a $1 million dollar house as a way to prove that you are someone or that you have “made it.” I know other places in the world are under this same type of pressure. And after reading this book I just felt free to love my Honda Fit that gets 38 miles to the gallon. I felt free to move into $1 million dollar multi-unit, where my husband, soon to be baby and I will share a 2/2 unit and have others pay for our mortgage. This will give me freedom to travel around, explore and be with my baby as it grows. Yes, I will be one of those mothers with the baby on a plane. That for me is “Making it.” Or becoming a Mogul.

What did I learn from it?

I learned that being an entrepreneur is less risky than having a full time job. And throughout our life we are trained to believe that security is created through clocking in and out and having someone tell you what to do. After reading this book I believe being an entrepreneur will give me more stability than any other job ever will. By the time most people are 25 they are thousands to hundreds of thousands in debt. Their only option is to work to pay it off and it seems like the best way to do that is to have someone say, “I will pay you $50,000 a year to do this job.” And that seems like the best way to get out of the debt, and then they say, “I will pay you $75,000 a year to do this job” and you think, “Well maybe its time to get a new car.” Then you have more debt. And then you need new clothes for the new job and maybe even a new house. And it goes on and on until you are 50 and praying for retirement.

I have set up life to not have debt. My husband and I have very little; no credit card debt, one car paid off, the other on it’s way and the only kind of property I will buy is property that is going to produce income. Period.

Should others read it?

You should only read it if you are willing to open your mind and really give up that your $150 sunglasses or $50,000 car is not a dream worth living for. And he doesn’t say you can’t want things like that. You totally can. But he really emphasizes the point that life is about living your purpose, not buying your purpose.
He also talks about the difference between a good business and bad business, the main points are that a good business provides regular cash flow, no time trading, and is location independent. All of these things are what I am personally looking for in a business, but again I don’t think that everyone is.

May 17, 2013

MITM Creation Call #11



Daily Creation Call #11

Empower half hour with Jess and I.  During this show Jessica discusses her freaked-out, I-hate-the-world panic and the subsequent AHA! moment she had.  Her upcoming weekend trip and the value of listening to her husbands advice.  It turns out he really has been listening to what she has been saying.  Good work Tom;)

I discuss the value of sharing your dreams with the people in your life, the collaboration that is possible when you tell people what you are up to, the book The Power by Rhonda Byrne and the law of attraction.  I also do a little rap/singing.  Don’t worry about showering me with praise, I know I am a talented lyricist!

I am so pumped about this extraordinary life that we get to live.  Thank you for being on this journey of self discovery with us.  I will never shut-up about how much I love you, because I am not sure you will ever REALLY get how much it means that I get to be part of this blog and your life.

May 16, 2013

MITM Creation Call #10


Daily Creation Call #10

Spend you morning with Jess and I as she shares about her action plan aligning with her long term mogul goals, chatting with property investors, vacationing while pregnant and moving toward a goal of entrepreneurship.

I discuss the importance of sleep, planning my time to work with me and not against me, David Wood stealing my daydream, getting real with my dad, abundance and business cards.

Check it out and leave a comment.  LOVE YOU GUYS!



May 15, 2013

MITM Creation Call #9


Daily Creation Call #9

Guess who emailed John Dumas and got a response?  Guess who did what they said they would do?

NO – I won’t tell you.  You have to listen for yourself silly!

Love you guys.  Can’t wait to hear your feedback and comments.


May 13, 2013

MITM Creation Call #8


Daily Creation Call #8

Listen to Jessica and Katie of Mogul in the Making as debrief the weekend, create what actions they are taking next, discuss what the breakdown de jour is and plan for the freakin’ week;)

Happy Monday game changers!  Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.


May 10, 2013

Multiple Sources – Update

Okay it is official the house in San Francisco sold. And it was a magical, lovely story. We are very happy.

Here is the listing:

We bought it for $540 on 04/06/2011.

We listed it for $699 on 4/18/2013.

It sold on 05/07/2013 for $880. In a short close.

We put probably $30k into the house. And we did all the “right” things. We had our tenants agree to move out. We paid to have everything hauled off the property. We staged it. We got a landscaper to go over. We touched up the paint and fixed minor contractor things here and there. And all of that cost maybe $10k. And we are looking at houses that have stuff everywhere and things out of place, dirty dishes out! or wires painted and hanging funny and that just hurts your price. People need to see themselves in it not you in it. Not your lazy tendencies to not fix things, and trust me I am a lazy tendency a lot of the time. However, when it comes to using money at the right time I REALLY recommend spending the money to just make everything look great, not personalized to you and set up in the best way possible with experts who know how to place furniture. Not that I would call myself a real estate expert, yet. I am looking at pursuing it, especially given this recent success in the market.

The real estate market is hot right now. And we were fortunate to have a house in San Francisco where it’s almost always hot. The next property we buy is most likely going to be in San Diego and I am not sure that it will be as hot when we try to sell it later, but heck, I am going to enjoy the moment and celebrate with a big glass of wine… just kidding I’ll have some juice.

May 10, 2013

MITM Creation Call #7


MITM Daily Creation Call #7

Cheers to it almost being the freakin’ weekend.  I’ll take action to that yay-yayyy!  I am really cheezy late at night, early in the morning and all the times in between.  You will have to forgive my bad mash-up of Rihanna. 🙂  So what have you accomplished this week?  What are you out to accomplish this weekend?  What is going on in your life?  Join Jessica and I as we create the day.  Then let us know what you are up to in the comments section below.

I really do love you, you know.  Happy ever-lovin’-friday-y’all!


May 9, 2013

MITM Creation Call #6


MITM Daily Creation Call #6

Join Jessica and I, the two, the only, the chosen – Moguls in the Making as we create the day.  What are we doing today?  What is the possibility that I am creating for myself?  More importantly what are you creating for yourself?  What action are you taking?  And why are you always listening to my early morning phone conversations?!?  Don’t you know that is just CREEPY!

Just kidding – Happy thirsty Thursday all!  Don’t hit happy hour too hard – we have work to do;)


May 8, 2013

MITM Creation Call #5


Daily Creation Call #5

Morning party people.  Click the link and listen to what Jessica and I accomplished Monday and Tuesday, what we are up to on this glorious Wednesday and any other random thing we end up discussing:)

Happy Hump-day.  It’s all down hill, but up from here!  Let us know in the comments what you are up do today.


May 6, 2013

MITM Creation Call #4


Daily Creation Call #4

Morning sunshine!  Join Jessica and me as we re-cap the weekends activities, create what  actions we are taking next, discuss the breakdown or breakthrough dejour and ramble randomly;)  It will be fun – I swear.

I promise this will be a Monday to remember;)