The 500 Plan

‘Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”
      ~By Gloria Steinem

We looked at the future of Mogul in the Making and thought it needed its own plan. Without a plan we would really never know if we were doing well or not.

We currently have 3 goals that we will achieve by August 31, 2013:

1. Mogul in the making will generate $500 in revenue per month
How you ask? We don’t know yet but we will let you know. We want to try and test out some of this “Online marketing” stuff that makes millions and we figure that we can get to $500 a month, right?

2. Mogul in the Making will have 500 followers

3. Mogul in the Making will have 150 posts/podcasts

We will provide you with weekly updates on each of these goals and share how we got there or failed to get there so you can stay in the loop.

Current status on goals, May 26 2013:

1. $500 (P)lan : $0 (A)ctual

2. 500 Followers (P) : 17  (A)

3. 150 posts/podcasts/interviews live (P) : 31 (A)

We each have separate goals that we will also post over time as we develop them and update them on a regular basis, as well.

Please comment and give us feedback. We are posting this all so publicly for you so that we can contribute as we build ourselves into the Moguls we are.

4 Comments to “The 500 Plan”

  1. I will attempt to follow, and hope it is a huge success. Let me know if I can help.

  2. Hey guys. I was looking into starting a business and wanted to name the site Mogul In the Making. Of course you beat me to the punch. Best of luck to you guys.

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